Soft Close

The Soft Close system adjusts the descent speed of the toilet seat. It often happens that the lid slips from the hands hitting the ceramic with violence. In addition to the noise, the impact could damage both the toilet seat and the toilet itself.

The Soft Close system cushions the closing impact for a quieter and more comfortable bathroom.

How does Soft Close work?

The special hinges between the lid and toilet seat are equipped with high-quality shock absorbers. These allow the lid to close slowly, adjusting how quickly the toilet closes.
With this system, in addition to avoiding a violent impact, the silence is considerably increased. Our brakes use a mechanical system and do not contain polluting oils, for maximum respect for the environment.

What are the advantages of automatic closing?

Convenience is the main advantage of Soft Close technology.
The ease with which it allows you to close the toilet lid is particularly suitable for older people who do not have to make strange movements, dangerous for the back and joints.
The Soft Close system is also safe for the little ones. The ability to cushion the closure prevents the risk of causing trauma by crushing the fingers of the little ones, even if of a minor entity.

Take off

Cleaning the toilet has never been easier. The quick release system of the toilet seat allows an accurate, simple and fast hygiene of all the components of the toilet.

A single movement is enough and no special equipment is required, neither to remove the toilet seat nor to hang them up once the sanitizing operations have been completed. The Take Off system facilitates not only cleaning but also the replacement of the entire toilet seat.

How does Take Off technology work?

Thanks to the special hinges supplied, it will be possible to remove the toilet seat quickly and easily. Once the hinges are fixed, the toilet seat will be perfectly anchored, but you can always unhook the seat to sanitize and cleaning it to perfection.

What are the benefits of a removable toilet seat?

Obviously, as already emphasized extensively, greater cleanliness is the main advantage of a completely detachable toilet seat with Take Off technology. This allows you to easily reach all the most complicated points to disinfect, or rinse the toilet seat in the shower.

Top Fixing

All our hinges are equipped with the practical Top Fixing system to allow easier fixing from above. You no longer need to lie down under the toilet to tighten the nuts.

How does the Top Fixing technology work?

The threaded screw, once inserted, will be blocked by a practical stop allowing the installer to screw the hinge comfortably, fixing it perfectly. Once the hinges have been screwed on, it will be possible to conveniently attach the new seat. Top Fixing technology also facilitates the replacement of hinges worn out by use and time.

What are the advantages of these types of hinges?

Speed ​​and ease of assembly. The Top Fixing technology makes life easier for installers, allowing the seat to be anchored from above and not from below as often happens. Even the replacement of the old is considerably easier than in the past.

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